BTC for middle and long term in 2018

This will be the last time for long-down term.

In overall, Bitcoin also in downtrend ( in the wave 5 in Elliot ), the wave 5 will be long and dramatical.

+ In short view, Bitcoin are supported by the 0.382 of Fibo Fan and it will go up after touch this support, in near future, the resistance that Bitcoin can go is 9100 - 9300.

After touch this area, it continuing the long - term downtrend.

+ In long term, Bitcoin also in downtrend, after touch 9100 - 9300 it will dump strong to 5900 - 6100 but I think it can keep because it is the 2nd time Bitcoin touch here and the panic occur. So that Bitcoin will broke this strong support and dump to some supports:

-2500 ( the lowest in the chart )

If it break 2500, the market will die for long time and we need wait long team to recover.

+ In the view of year 2018:

We consider the low price of Bitcoin in 16/07/2017 is 1700 and it pump to the highest price at 19900 area in 17/12/2017.

It is the cycle of pump and we find the end of this long downtrend in 19/05/2018 ( just my prediction )

After this 19/05/2018, Bitcoin and crypto market will be in the new development cycle with the higher ATH ( all time high ).

All in here is my opinion and you need to consider by your analysis before enter the market.

Thanks for all and like or follow me to keep up date the news.

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Great call from March 15, 2018 on the price...timing a little off..
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