BTC - Last Wave Correction !!! Buy Signal !!!


Still using: "THE MOVING WATER" - New Trading Perspective

Check the previous technical analysis , click below: link to related ideas.

I have been posting most of the movements, since Feb 3rd, and the end of the Storm should be it.

Even though price already reached 6k, price will re-test the area for the last time, and could reach the 2nd- Short target: 5800, from the last trading analysis.

When placing orders choose a price higher then 5800, because your order could not be completed, it may not have time to execute, depending on the order lines and order size.

So, if you are a aggressive trader put 5.860, but could not get at this price. It is possible that whales put the big order above that to trick people. So you will need to follow price all the time to not miss the wave.

If you are not that aggressive or don't have time to follow the market, and don't want to lose de wave, I recommend put your buy order at: 6.180 or 6.400.

After this last short wave, a Big Long Wave should Start. Get Ready - Place Your Orders in Advance.

Don't Miss The Very Beginning of the Wave.

評論: These are times when excitement is the enemy.

DON'T BUY because you feel something is good. Buy because you can see on the graphic that it is time for a bull season.

A lot of "gurus" now can see what I posted on Feb 1st, and started to post BTC up up up.

But this is not the best time to get in yet, there are still some little bear waves on going.

Pros can see when is the big wave beginning at a bull season.

Hold a little more, and get the best price to get in.

Bear season is almost completely done.
交易進行: Still not the best time to buy.

I love this. What a complete wanker.
Thanks for the update. Are you still targeting $6k?
@behzadb, it is still possible to retest that area. But as I said, if you are no so aggressive trader stick with 6500 to be sure getting in. For more information check related charts. Good Luck . Good Profit.
Hi! Thank you for your analysis! Could you please to comment your thoughts on this analysis, which gives another long term buy target
kwarty kwarty
@kwarty, and also interesting to understand your methods of analysing the charts. What methods do you use as your targets are correct and getting to proper targets all time? :)
@kwarty, I am sorry. I don't agree. I just checked your profile, I am sorry you are banned. good luck.
kwarty lemosedmirf
@lemosedmirf, it was the idea of another trader btw :D
Easy ...
Long 14K
Don't you think that if we break 6.5k the resistance at 7.5k would be too big? Also what do you think about 5.5k?
@rexlomax, Everything is possible in this crazy world, but I stick to my idea. Every Resistance and support is always big until it breaks, and if it does, few people will be ready, and this is how this market survives, few get money, and the rest lose it.
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