BITCOIN Correction is OVER! Lets look UP! Advanced Elliott + Fib

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Hello Trading Maniacs

As pointed on the chart, Bitcoin has finished its correction, and so Altcoins who corrected at the same time, will follow.

You see MOAC (Mother of all coins) following rules of Nature perfectly! As charts are human made, the Fibonacci sequence is very powerful in our live as a trader. A bullish engulfing is a very powerful reversal pattern. Also waves finished (nearly) excact!

I will update this until we reached our first Minuette wave targets! Enjoy the Trades!

Bitcoin -5.31% To Ash or To Heaven - Can you do something about it? No? Then why worry
Are you a smart trader, with a solid strategy? One who places stop loss and trailing stop loss? Yes? Then why worry

I could be wrong, but... Yeah, I dont think so. Even though, The author, el Magico Tomasso, also known as the Magician, forever remembered in the whole world under alias WhatsThatCrypTom, shorter CrypTom, initials C T is not responsible for any trading losses you may endure. Its your F. money. All very interesting information and chart analyses from C T are for entertainment purposes only.

評論: In case of Triple combo, it could fall to 10170 if 1.618 and therefore extended to 8500. Keep in mind Maniacs.
評論: Ok Lovely Maniacs, you had some time to buy in cheap :) Not gonna happen for a while now. I got my money where my mouth is. North

Less then 12 hours ago, I posted this about the correction. I'm sorry that I kept you waiting that long. An extra flat correction kept us from flying. We are going to the neckline from 11100 on binance. Small correction of 28% to 37% and after a steep run to 13700. A 50% correction and we are off for an other wave cycle.

I should sell this information.
For educational purposes only, I disagree.
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@involver, You where right involver I was 12 hours too early (And 2% extra you could have). We call that anticipation of future developments. :) Thank you for your comment!
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Please feel free to give me virtual hugs and love!
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