Bitcoin update in my review

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Super Elliott Waves for Bitcoin!

Detail about Elliott waves that I draw in the chart. It may the last for long-time correction!
交易進行: Bitcoin touch 8400 are follow A waves and now it continuing drop to 7500 area ( B wave ) before follow C wave go to 8500 and end the correction.
評論: After end the correction, Bitcoin will continuing the big 5th wave of Elliott to 4900 area.
評論: Now BTC are going like I draw in the chart. Congratulate!!!
I find it amusing the 1st place the Elliot wave rules come up is "afraid to trade" lol.
Please DOYR before accepting this false evidence of moving more down. If actual evidence comes around, we can take a look at it then.
Had this Joker not vomited this smut all over other peoples charts in order to increase his popularity and then give false evidence to people following him, I'd not be so critical of his ideas but they are in fact false representations of the ideas he claims to be true. DYOR. This isn't trolling, this is giving evidence and forcing the review of ideas which have evidence to support them.

1. Wave #2 Cannot Retrace 100% of Wave #1

2. Wave #3 Cannot be the Shortest Wave (but does not have to be the longest)

3. Wave #4 Cannot Enter the Territory of Wave #1
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Techmology Techmology
@Techmology, his charts violate rule #3 like all the others which were stuffed at recent low
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xuanhaimmoer Techmology
@Techmology, where point in the chart you talk that I violate rule #3? can you show?
xuanhaimmoer Techmology
@Techmology, I must to repeat again! I draw my chart is my opinion, you and someone may be do not like it and refuse it. But simply it is my thinking. And I think anyway, BTC may be up in short-time but it must be down in long time to 4xxx$ or below 5000. In fact in also depend on you. Thanks for suggestion of you and welcome!
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LNE Techmology
1. Wave 2 retracement of wave 1 78-100% occurs 15% of the time
2. Yes to wave 3 true
3. wave 4 can in a diagonal pattern there are exceptions
your chart proves this because otherwise you'd have it factored in. Yet no one does. Give it up.
there is no way to make this theory work. Literally none.
If we're headed to your target, it's not using the wave count you have there. This is why there unbreakable rules. I'm talking the big red wave as the wave down from the top drops all the way to nearly $10,400. Shadow or not, wave 4 can't be above this line in your count (and everyone else that expects further down which I've seen). This is why this perma bear theory was always doomed to fail. No one can make a wave count that doesn't break unbreakable rules yet keep pretending it works. This is not being over critical of your ideas, this is the very basic fundamentals of wave theory that are the building blocks of EWT. Without following these rules, you just have lines, letters, and numbers on a graph that mean nothing. This is also why I was telling people we weren't dumping further when we stopped at $6,400 and moved up. We'll continue doing so because the wave count tells us. We're not going that low, stop scaring people with waves that make no sense
xuanhaimmoer Techmology
@Techmology, I am not scaring people with wave. The chart is just my opinion and I play follow that. So if it wrong I am also lose money! But I hope it true.
Techmology xuanhaimmoer
@xuanhaimmoer, I'm trying to understand how your opinion is to make elliot waves look legitimate to people who know no better but ignore the only 3 "unbreakable rules" of elliot wave theory? that's not an opinion, that's a misrepresentation and if you were unaware, now you're not. So are you going to take this opportunity to share with your followers this revelation or stand your ground you pick and choose how to apply the only rules of Elliot Wave Theory?
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