Bitcoin bull run is arround the corner!

Bitcoin and Crypto bull run is arround the corner

In my last post i was very clear in how important the 280$ Billion level was in crypto market capitalization resistance was and today we broke up that resistance and as a result we had a unusual pump in Bitcoin . You will see a lot of confusion in the market with people trying to justify this bull run with crazy theories, but just a heads up for you : Bitcoin doesn't need news, Bitcoin is the news !

What about altcoins ?

This huge and fast pump:chart_with_upwards_trend: in Bitcoin that caused a TYRANOSSAURUS REKT in short positions with more than 10 Million positions liquidated in Bitmex alts also took a small dip comparred to BTC value, but they went up comparred to USD value. But, money is coming into crypto and market cap is raising and soon the money will flow back to alts and BTC/ALTS should rise together.


Today we had an amazing and remarkeable day for crypto that maybe represents the end of a huge downtrend. Look at the chart and see for yourself the clear breakout in Crypto market cap and i must tell you it is beautiful!

Thanks for you attention, Dude!

Do not look at Dude Signals content as financial advice. This is always my personal opinion based in my own knowledge. Everything that you do is at your own risk and you should always do your own research

Just some more info:

Bitcoin is ultra bullish in 1W chart with an oversold Stoch RSI and RSI and MACD just hit the 0 Bottom and it is starting to reverse. Targets can be 26K-30K-39K for Bitcoin next bull run.
Apr 21
評論: Remember that this is long term. Maybe bitcoin falls to 5K before that or maybe not. The thing is that i believe this target is coming by the end of 2018
Apr 23
評論: And stupid trades calling 5K dollars ahahah
Apr 23
評論: Not happening for now my bears friends. Time to moon!
May 03
評論: Bitcoin doing great as expected.
very smart market explanation ..
Thank you for your Information & analysis
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