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Friends I am pleased to predict the next BULLISH Move for Bitcoin , I have been waiting for this Reversal Pattern to present and she has finally come out of her shell and given us indication that the fat lady is about to sing!

What you are seeing in this chart is an ABC Corrective pattern on an H4 Chart. These Classic ABC moves happen predominantly at the END of major Trends and all it takes is a quick Break of Point A to really get things shaking!

Remember that Patterns will ALWAYS complete, So let it complete and don't get emotional! Relief is coming friends! HODLERS will win!

Please use proper Stops and RIsk Management and remember... I have a pending order at 8100.... LFG

"Trade, Don't Gamble!

LFG!!!!!!! =)
評論: We are still in a bearish consolidation. A really long and obnoxious consolidation...

Looks like we could see this slow growth up to the next resistance level....without a strong breakout, we could test lows again.

Lets keep watch, I still believe Price will retest the 8-9k area at some point before the next parabolic run.

The current price is not a very attractive buying price. We are in Limbo here.
I igree with you man.
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