22/2/2018 : Bitcoin is still Bearish Trendline

BITTREX:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / Tether
Hi . Im a new of trading .
Today i want to talk about Bitcoin . some altcoin and trendline .
Sorry my english is not good . im still study english

i have traded and follow Bitcoin , some altcoin like Ripple for 3 months . I lost a lot of money so i have a lesson from it and this time im going to share my vision and opinion to all of u guys .
i will trade back .
u dont need to trust me or follow my chart .
we have seen the bitcoin is falling when it pullback from The Hard Bearish Trendline .
On the Chart 2 hours .
at this time , the candle break down the first support line at 10000$ and it is going to down to the second support line at 9600$ . I think may be at the second support line may be it can pullback a bit , but as i see " We are still under The Hard TrendLine Bearish " Remember that it will break down for a long day . they have no mercy . Positive news doesnt make any hope . take care your self .
- Target 1 : support line of 10k$ is gone
- Target 2 : support line of 9600$ will break out after pull up a bit . ( my prediction )
- Target 3 : support line of 8300$ isnt sure
- Target 4 : The Hard Support Line is our Hope At 7k7$
The Hard TrendLine Bearish made in 50 days ago ,if The Bitcoin want to Breakout this Trendline i think it need time for building enough support line and buyers .
God cant save us , only ourself can .
Dont lose your hope
There are my experience, my opinions , not recommend buy or sell any coin .
交易結束:目標達成: 23/02/2018
-Bitcoin candle has pull up a bit but it's so weak . Today , Will Bitcoin break out the second support trendline ? i think it will break soon .
-analyst a bit about candle : the pattern candle has no motivate for pull up .
評論: the Second support line was broken out . so trendline short-term is going to down at the third support line .
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