Neutral observation of BTC, based on previous BTC bearish chart

This chart is a republished chart of my previous btc analysis that was about shorting it. Due to the chaos, I decided not to predict the price, but just show the key resistance and support points so that you can decide for yourself.

Let me know in the comments what you think and if you want me to analyse a certain coin.

Happy trading!
@Woolhead , looks like it has broken through upper resistance. thanks for this analysis. What is your feelings concerning Cardano? -The price is really attractive to me at the moment.
eugenegous eugenegous
@Woolhead need your expertise in times like these. please link your cardano address sometime; I owe you a bottle of whiskey.
Woolhead eugenegous
@eugenegous, Here's my analysis on Cardano:
I will add my Cardano wallet address soon: it's currently syncing the blockchain.
Woolhead eugenegous
@eugenegous, This is my Cardano address: DdzFFzCqrhsfoyxqADKYK7mMAMpoMUqjuNeN39aJZx6v2ZHnBxuC79p8QJWJ713mAmRHxF9hS87YKMkD4JLF1rdxLU7ugzRtViBETfWa

eugenegous Woolhead
@Woolhead, enjoy ;)
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Woolhead eugenegous
@eugenegous, Thank you very much! I'll enjoy the whisky!
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Thank you for you time and effort.NEO has been moving up lately so if you can do TA on it would be nice.
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@BuyGanyo, I second this! NEO predictions are always welcome :)
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Woolhead jorishepkema
here you are :)
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@Woolhead, sweet, hoping for that nice breakthrough :)
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