Bitcoin Important Line and Level

The price could not break 8000.00 support level and bounced to the uptrend line. Will it be a short term retracement with further falling to 7000.00-6000.00 levels? Will it be a starting point for a new uptrend? In order to get replies on these questions, we'll have to watch closely for price action at important levels and lines. For a downward movement the price will have to reverse from the downtrend line and break 8000.00 support level . For confirmation the upward movement, the price will have to break the downtrend line. So, the downtrend line and 8000.00 support are the key levels for the market now. Let's keep an eye on price movements in these important zones.

The other signals, which we should take into consideration, are the signals from indicators. The price diverges with MACD and RSI and it gives us a trend reversal signal. MACD supports the upward movement. DMI shows that the bears are not so strong now. ADX line falls and we should not expect strong price movements. But will the price move upward? The previous attempts were not successful. Now we must be very careful with any buy signals, because the market is not stable. Only strong fundamental support and solid reversal signals can be a good reason for opening long trades.
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Questions questions.
Some nearer term patterns and trigger points for experiened day traders only
goods job men

310 points downside and 210 upside so far today...
500+ plus points on a dull Saturday
How about you?
I miss milanjelic and his bearishness!!
Clear signals for day traders
As always nice work, i do think $6k will be delayed by a week or two but I do wish we coud get it all over with.... Thoughts on post crash patterns? been trying to go through the net to put a plan in place for the next twelve months.
Why even post an idea that essentially boils down to.... "It might go up or it might go down"? Y'all keep talking about bounces and then pretending that your previous "long entries" all got rekt.
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DatBomp tyler-morrison
@tyler-morrison, "It might go up or it might go down"

Isn't that what analysis is? He's assessing the possibilities that it would go up or down. I don't see what he's doing out of the norm.
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@DatBomp, short answer – NO. Anyone with reasonable TA skills can see the overriding downward trend. However, ideas like this and others still give newbies hope about a bounce when it's really a false bottom while the market consolidates for another downward move.
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DatBomp tyler-morrison
@tyler-morrison, "However, ideas like this and others still give newbies hope about a bounce when it's really a false bottom while the market consolidates for another downward move."

It's not like I wouldn't have sentiment for them, but these analyses do not say buy or sell, he even made a neutral one rather than a Long. If people want to take what DLavrov says as a signal for long that's their choice.

As to why, even when it's obvious that Bitcoin is on an overall downtrend DLavarov still examines possibilities for long: there would still be money in opening a short-term long trade. Even if that would pose a massive risk, this risk has been addressed in the analysis above without actually him showing any sentiment/personal opinion; he makes sure he is basing everything he's saying from his indicators, support and resistance.
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