Bitcoin Trading Idea

This trading idea is based on the trading strategy using Ichimoku indicator. The price bounces from the support zone formed by the uptrend line and 5500.00 support level . RSI confirms price reversal. ADX line falls and it shows that bears are not so strong. It's possible to buy based on a breakout signal. If the price moves above the cloud, it will be a confirmation of further upward movement. Estimated entry prices are between 5800.00 and 6000.00 levels. Stop orders should be placed below the local swing low. The main profit target will be at 6500.00 level. But don't forget that for this, the market will have to break 6200.00 resistance level and get support from the crowd for further upward movement.
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I confess I like to trade in Poloniex, but... is it really safe?
Hi. I saw BTC reached near 6000 but drew back to 57xx & 56xx for the whole day today. Is the target 6500 still intact ?
Hello Sir. Nice chart. Im wondering, why do you chart Poloniex?
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Where is the $ stop-loss in this trade?
BTCUSD strong sell...target 4800....then wait...6500 or 3600
For crypto Your ichi settings should be 20 60 120 30? It eliminates a lot of false positives. Many traders recommend this based on crypto markets never closing. What do you think?
Great work, much apreciated!!!
Pulling for a break of $6200! Thanks for the analysis
does anyone have any idea how to restore tradingview to factory settings? My charts are glitchy for some reason.
Thanks for your analysis. I only have on problem...I'm on kraken. I can't create stop-loss/profit order with kraken.
Wich market do you use? I live in Europe (Belgium)..So fiat=EUR ;)
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