Bitcoin Versus Altcoins

Bitcoin             moves "to the moon", altcoins moves in opposite direction. It's logical when all focus on Bitcoin             . What should we do with long positions on altcoin markets? There are at least 3 variants:
the 1st variant - hold opened long positions and wait when money from Bitcoin             moves back to altcoins. It will give new buy opportunities on good levels. We should wait for altcoins' trend reversals when Bitcoin             starts falling.
the 2nd variant - just close the part of trade volume on altcoins and get free money for buying altcoins on lower levels based on confirmed reversal signals.
the 3d variant - move the main part of altcoins to Bitcoin             and hold in long term. Bitcoin             is the main financial instrument for investing. Big investors and financial companies buy Bitcoin             , it means in long run we'll keep bullish market. All correction movements on this market will give good trading opportunities for adding new volume to long positions. It will be logical to hold Bitcoin             with targets at 10 000, 15 000, 20 000 levels.

These 3 variants are my thoughts based on the current situation. I don't offer to follow these variants. I offer to take them into consideration, but you have to act based on your ideas and trading strategies. Only you responsibale for your financial decisions.

And what about your ideas for managing opened trades now? Please, write in comments.
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@DLavrov thank you for your contributions, Sir. it's great that you now also take the time to post in the comments section. thanks much.
Do you think BTC will go back to $5k in Nov, that is where I have it falling down.
DLavrov AllAboutTheFuture
@AllAboutTheFuture, Bitcoin can do anything. The question is: will we have strong fundamental news pushing Bitcoin down?
I bought a dgb in 160 Satoshi and today in 110 I do not know what to do I wait for the rise or I sell in loss for fear of going down more
Toni7 Yadou28
@Yadou28, DGB has a good potential in a future. If you sell now you won't get a huge profit in my opinion. Keep this order for future.
I think having 50% in bitcoin and then diversifying across more established altcoins is sensible
@akatyk, good idea! Bitcoin is the King, it must be in the list of coins for investing with good volume.
@DLavrov, for people who have smaller budget (1000$ ) better put 50% into BCH or BCC ? and rest into alts ?
akatyk krakowiakwojciech
@krakowiakwojciech, I would go so far as to say 50% into BTC and then the rest into BCH and main alt points. Remember, you don't have to purchase the whole BTC - can purchase just a fraction of it.
@akatyk, thanks :)
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