Everyone is a clown Bitcoin edition

BITTREX:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / Tether

Yesterday tradingview was full of "bitcoin going to 12500".

Price consolidates and drops, everyone is bearish .

Either admit your mistakes and accept that your predictions failed, or don't post conflicting ideas.

I'll let the chart speak for me and I'm posting a prediction that goes against EVERYONE right now. And if I'm wrong, I won't post a chart the next day saying " bitcoin is bearish , we expected that but blablabla"

I am one of the first that wanted a correction to happen, I couldn't predict it. I tried shorting at 9000, I failed. It happened, but that's it, in my opinion. Don't worry, CBOE and CME are long on this. Bitcoin is a manipulated market, and they're going to manipulate it upwards, because it's easier to profit upwards than downards.

評論: Allright, my trade is still in play here. We need to not drop further than 10200 for this to work, and it's probably going to work, cause I'm a wizard Harry
評論: In an uptrend, where fundamentals haven't changed ( no bad news ), always refer to the past to determine the current course of action.

It's as simple as that.

I'm pretty disappointed in the top traders however. Some people I used to follow got scared pretty quickly and let their emotions get the best of them.
評論: There's absolutely no reason to short, if the uptrend hasn't been broken. When it does, I'll look to short, but shorting now is the riskiest move you can make.
評論: Trade closed. Now that the trend line got broken, we can consider shorting. I won't, I still think it's risky, but whatever. CME is tomorrow, it will bounce back tomorrow or it it will die out completely.
"We need to not drop further than 10200 for this to work, and it's probably going to work, cause I'm a wizard Harry"

LOL good one.
PattyMcPat dinopiccinin
@dinopiccinin, I'm not a wizard ! One can dream :(:(:(
dinopiccinin PattyMcPat
@PattyMcPat, All good man just remember however good you get, you'll always be able to get better. I shouldn't even be talking I haven't posted any charts at all. Anyways good luck!
PattyMcPat dinopiccinin
@dinopiccinin, Thanks buddy appreciate the words! Well the thing is, there are no bad news, so the drop should have been healthy, that's not a healthy drop. Now I am kind of worried about bitcoin. My belief in crypto probably clouded my judgement. I should be more open minded to manipulative possibilities. I still believe after CME futures open, we will see upward movement. But at this point, I'm going to take the loss
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