It looks like the price is going to reverse from 8000.00 level and we'll see a short term correction movement. The price can drop to one of the possible reversal zones at SMA50 and SMA100 lines. These zones can be good for opening new long trades based on confirmed price reversal signals with profit targets at 8500.00 and 9000.00 levels. Alternative variant: the price will break 8000.00 level and make a new high. It's possible because there is a strong uptrend. But buying above 8000.00 does not seem as a smart idea. We can face with a false breakout. Moving above 8000.00 level will confirm the power of buyers, but at the same time the market will become more overbought and have good potential for reversal and falling. That's why it's better to wait for a correction movement and only after that open new long trades. What to do with long positions now? If you have such trades opened below 7000.00 level, now you can fix a part of profit and leave some trade volume for long run. When Bitcoin falls, you will get new trading opportunities for adding more volume to your long positions.

P.S this is my opinion about Bitcoin and it is based on the current market conditions. Don't forget that you should make your own research and follow your trading plan.
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BTC needs to re-test $5000 level, otherwise thing will get uglier when it reaches $10K
+1 回覆
Any update on this ? Thanks
as always you are again fuking right :) thanks for the great analysis
Nice call. So far it seems to be following your top reversal zone. We'll see if it moves up.
Hi Dlavrov
Isn't Btc forming a huge bearish divergence?
tomm.giannessi23 tomm.giannessi23
Can we expect a major correction in the next days?
cupofjoe42 tomm.giannessi23
@tomm.giannessi23, looking that way huh.. 5500 maybe
@cupofjoe42, well i honestly hope this :)
Wow! this is a good TA :-) I closed my position and waiting for an opportunity i think MA 100 is good. .I closely watch it when it near those line :-) But for now, I jump to BCH since volume is good. .
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