Bitcoin New Buy Signal

The price bounces from the support zone formed by SMA100 and support levels. RSI confirms price reversal in the oversold zone. MACD histogram supports upward movement. DMI allows opening long trades. We have a new buy opportunity. Pending orders can be placed above the high of the signal candle at 17650.00 level. Stop orders must be at 15400.00 level. Profit targets are 20000.00 and 21000.00 levels. The part of trade volume can be left for long run.
評論: Use small volume for this trade. The market still can drop lower and even find support at 10000.00 level. But we have to use any buy opportunity for catching fast reversal with further strong upward movement. These trades are with high risk. Don't forget about proper risk management!
評論: Watch for the price action at the support zone formed by SMA100, 16000.00-15600.00 levels. This zone is very important now. On the one hand, this zone is rather solid for reversal the market. It can be a good starting point for a new upward movement. But on the other hand, the market can drop to 13000.00 and even 10000.00 levels. The daily chart shows that the market has a free space for such falling. That's why we should be careful with our long positions. Using stop orders is strongly recommended.
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Can't predict them all perfect, specially with Bitcoin Futures.. lots of loan purchases for BTC, panic, new investors... it has become very hard to predict Bitcoin, it has become very unpredictable
thanks for sharing, with your permission I will comment from my point of view. Looking at the story I think it is possible that we go to 16300. I think that is going to be the turning point. If it goes down I think we can go to 11200.
Chech this Idea, expected
On the 1st of Dec, 2017 BTC abandoned the parabolic growth line and went into the stratosphere on a hypodermic line, an unsustainable move for a long run. It peaked at almost 20,000, and began slowly decaying. Prior to today the volume on the down moves exceeded the up volume, the sign of the distribution underway. Today, 21 of Dec, it went into a parabolic nosedive, as a result. It is approaching the parabolic trendline and support area around 12,500; and may fall as low as the linear trendline near the 10,000. Sorry, I am too lazy to make pictures.
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Bitcoin and Alt Coins are in a massive sell off.. trading in altcoins in BTC is just sheer risk with huge possibilities to go under even with profits.
Keep updated on my short btc chart, detected fall since 18.000 level price.
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Any thoughts on tronix and bytecoin ? Any signs of going up or should I sell ? Can you please tell me your thoughts On this ?
Always love your signals. You might want to caution on using USDT though. Today Tether just shut down everyone except those who are corporate and do $50K transactions (smell a shift) and Bittrex USDT wallets are frozen. You can't deposit any money to send. You can at least pull money if it is stuck on the Tether account. But Bittrex wallet is frozen. I don't know about others.
crazyirish crazyirish
Poloniex seems to be ok at this moment for trading between BTC/USDT but I don't know about deposit/withdrawl.
Bitcoin now down 25% Since CME Futures exchange started betting against it. RIGGED. #FAKEMARKETS
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