Bitcoin Gold Bullish Downward Pointing Triangle

Bitcoin Gold , BTG has a very bullish setup on the daily scale. Please note that this chart is on daily scale and take a bit of time to develop, but R/R ratio seems very good at the moment. BTG is close to the apex, and breakout can come anytime. Good buy volume , postive divergence on RSI , with TP1 = 0.00779, TP2= 0.0108 and SL = 0.0052, good luck
Apr 04
Here are some fib ret levels that can help potential levels for exit.
Apr 11
評論: Move stoploss to 0.059 and let this one run.
Apr 16
Finally we're seeing some nice breakout action. Patience seems to have paid off. This is daily chart, so trade can take longer, just remember.
Apr 19
手動結束交易: Closed the trade in profit.
BTG is ASIC resistant, you can mine it with normal GPU, which is fair for everyone. I am all out with BTG, bitfinex, bittrex, bithumb etc. biggest exchange ready. No need to worry at the bottom.
thanks for share
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