Bitcoin Gold (BTG) by Request (300%+ Earnings Potential)

BITTREX:BTGBTC   Bitcoin Gold / Bitcoin
Bitcoin Gold ( BTG ) doesn't have much history, so we can't expect that much from this analysis, other than the fact that the coin is bouncing off from the bottom and trending upward with strong bullish momentum.

Buy-in: 0.0215 - 0.0265

Stop loss: 0.02148


- Clear uptrend
- All indicators pointing upwards.
- Good candlestick formations.


- Invest only what you can afford to lose.
- Use capital management. (10-20% of your bankroll)
- Diversify.
- Stay calm, relax, breath & enjoy.


Trade active @ 0.0243
評論: Target levels (This is where we sell for profit):

(1) 0.027
(2) 0.031
(3) 0.042
(4) 0.061
(5) 0.079
評論: I am posting this analysis because many people requested it. This isn't my usual type of analysis so we might not get the usual type of results.

Please use a small portion of your capital and invest at your own risk.

Good luck to us all on this trade. Enjoy. Relaxed and Calmed.
評論: The chart looks really strong on the 1D timeframe.
It is showing sign of an uptrend starting on the 1H timeframe.

The information above is based on the analysis of 5 different indicators, including the classics: MACD, RSI & STOCH.

Note: I left this coin go a while back.
As I mentioned in my last comment, this isn't my usual type of analysis.
Please trade at your own risk.
And, hopefully you will get huge profits.
交易結束:達到停損點: This is the first trade that I see that hits our stop loss, and is the only trade that I didn't open based on my own God feelings. So, because our stop loss was reached. This trade is now closed at a loss.

We will not revisit this coin, EVER.
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Monday 15th 6 pm the Future od BTG will be rewild
+2 回覆
Will you revisit now?
+2 回覆
Major announcement coming 15th Janu 2017
@alanmasters bro don't take this personal. You probably had an early bottom. I believe the real bottom finally happened and BTG is now actually taking off gradually with nice volume buildup. I heard a new wallet is in the works. Another opinion from you on this won't hurt.
+1 回覆
"We will not revisit this coin, EVER" LOL what a loser
+2 回覆
BobbyJGold Jam0725
@Jam0725, bro you're the loser. Do you have an army of loyal followers? Right...compared to Alan you are not even dogshit.

what do you think about BTG, what could happen in next few weeks?

Tnx for answer.
give a new idea
I hope to miss it soon
Why not revisit it?

What if it bottoms out and the MACD, RSI and Stoch are showing bullish signs?

You can't make it personal in trading. A trader usually doesn't care what symbol a chart has.
+1 回覆
@Jay27, Its the same thing they said when Bitcoin Cash was free falling. Then it had a 10x increase. They al looked stupid after that even when the charts showed the bleeding obviuos
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