#Hypeoftheweekend! Make a quick buck on Gold.

Let's start of with the fact that I think Bitcoin Gold is a shitcoin with no future.
However, I am here to make money and that's what I am looking to do with the hype of the weekend, which I believe will be Bitcoin Gold ( BTG ).


Bitcoin is correcting and people have cashed out large profits. Many of those will be looking to speculate to make more. "I made money on BTC , why not invest in another much cheaper Bitcoin and see if I can make even more money" is something I think will be going through some heads.
We are seeing money flowing into Bitcoin Cash today, partly because of this I believe but Cash actually has a fighting chance against Bitcoin and I believe it will increase more. That's another story though. This one is about Bitcoin Gold , and I have no hope for it long term.
This is pure speculation on my side obviously, but that's how we make money and I believe Bitcoin Cash will be a good bet over the weekend as we are leading up to the launch.

12th November is the date that Bitcoin Cash will launch and coins can start flowing.
Most likely we will get hype up until launch and top out a little bit after the coins start flowing and exchanges start opening up trading. From there it will be straight downhill.
We have already begun to see some price increase today, and it may go higher then my target at 375 USD, but I feel like that's a safe place to sell out for almost an 100% gain.


New market, there aint that much to go on.
I have added a ghost feed to project around what I think the chart will do.

This is with no doubt a risky move, but putting stop loss below 150 USD or trendline will provide a great risk to reward ratio!


  • Buy: 195 USD
  • Sell: 375 USD
  • Stop Loss: 150 USD or below trendline .
交易結束:目標達成: Jackpot! This trade turned out very succesful.
Closed on target 375USD with a gain of 92%.

This was a nice prediction, the chart almost painted itself after my ghost bars. Up a little quicker then I thought, and then right down again to test the trendline.
However, I aint touching Bitcoin Gold again. Don't think it has any future, and happy with my profits.
評論: Look at that! BTG has jumped up again.
With all this new money flowing in and every crypto seeing green numbers it's understandable.

When there is a possibility to short BTG, I am going to make a new play on this market.
As I see no future for BTG.

Now we have BTC, BCH, BTG and the new BCD (Bitcoin Diamond).
The latter is much more interesting than BTG.

I see it as highly unlikely that BTG can maintain a market cap of 6 Billion when there is 3 bigger Bitcoins out there. It's poised to fail and I will try to make some dough on that :)
評論: Is there anywhere to short BTG?

Holy crap this one could go low.
I think it will be the number 1 crash if cryptomarkets take a huge hit.
thank you for the great analysis
Could you please explain your strategy a bit more for me to learn?
woho played out really well :) !
Thanks for the update man. As you know I don't know TA. But I'll make a wager with u that btg is going to do pretty well. Let's say 0.1 btg on jan 1st. Which I think might be $100!!! Probably will just confirm to you i live on an alternate plane ;-) Ok let's say my thesis is that this will be a top ten coin in 2018 but that the price valuation on 01/01/18 will give us a clue...
@qdoc, I'm up for a wager! But how do we do it? We need some third party.

It will most likely be a top ten coin in the start of 2018, as its in 5th now. But I believe it will go down to like 8th or something. BCD will come in ahead, and I believe LTC and DSH will pass it before that time.
But a price of 1000 USD on jan 1st? No way, I'll gladly make a wager on you for that :)
qdoc Kryptokelly
@Kryptokelly, yeah sure man. Well I think we have a trust thing going ;-) Erm let's see. I do think it will touch or get close to 1k. I wouldn't necessarily say 1k on 1st jan as the wager even though yes i alluded to that before I am accused of backing out. U know i find BCD interesting, you should do a FA on that if not a TA. U know bch is my main FA coin right. But yeah BTG at the mo is my second. Why don't we make this one simple. And i'll weight it in your favour i think. BCD is 1k right at inception. and btg 0.5k as we know from a previous battle ;-) So let's say i'll give u 0.1bcd on 01/01/18 and u give me 0.1btg?!? Obviously there only need be one transaction and can be done in any crypto we like?!? Gonna check your bch updates too!!!
@qdoc, I would love to publish a piece on BCD. Problem is that there is no charts for it at TW yet.

I love that wager, so I'll accept! :)
qdoc Kryptokelly
@Kryptokelly, yeah cool man, ok we await the first BCD post on TV soon...
@qdoc, I almost screwed up here! BCD has 210 million coins, for every btc you held you got 10 BCD. So that wager has to be 1 vs 0.1.
Sorry, I forgot about that.

The price for BCD is not 1k, its 100 bucks actually.
qdoc Kryptokelly
@Kryptokelly, sure man, whatever u think is right. I didn't check it. I'm just saying that btg will outperform bcd so however u think it fair. Am thinking it will be the equivalent of a trading places style $1/ buy me a beer type bet when all is said and done. You're the numbers guy and there is a lot of trust here so yeah whatever u think is right. U know i'm into scripting and my script says the future of bitcoin is bitcoin cash and bitcoin gold. I personally don't see a future for bitcoin legacy longeterm but medium term is a question for me, but one which i'll try and stay out of apart from between you and I!!! And at 100 bucks bcd may indeed be worth a punt even for me as its a bit of a wild card in my eyes. But yeah my script says cash 'n gold...
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