BTGUSD Watch for another breakout

BITFINEX:BTGUSD   Bitcoin Gold / U.S. Dollar
Hi fellows, If you were following me on BTGUSD             from bottom then you should be in from bottom for long. This idea as a follow up idea of the previous one. We are having very nice Bullish wave. it is correcting back on lower time frame. for another leg. Watch The idea where you need to keep an eye for buy for another bullish leg.

Trade with care and use only that much risk which you can afford to lose. Dont Trade with that money which you cant afford to lose. Every Single trade is not a winning trade so use risk according to that.
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thank you for the great analysis
That was great
Hey master, any updates please ?
Hello , sl hit?
i dont get it, why huge potential when the bitcoin gold seems to be scam coin ? look on support, it looks abandoned
Wow! howd you upload a video??
@DAVID_GIRALDO, Credit goes to TV team . They are making this community and amazing community. TV has introduced new feature called video idea.
@Wave-Trader, woow definetly! I agree. The candlestick playback is amazing for backtesting ! But I was curious where to find the video idea. I cannot see it.
Hello , is 346 a good price to buy ?
@Lassinet, Yes it is
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