Bitshares (BTS): the beginning of the new bullish cycle

POLONIEX:BTSBTC   BitShares / Bitcoin
Hi guys, maybe many of you dont know much about Bitshares, which is rare because Bitshares is the Descetralized exchange of Cryptos (The DEX) developed early in 2014 with the Graphene Technology by the same creator of Graphene. Bitshares is an exchange that can be downloaded as a wallet, yes an exchange and at the same time it is a wallet, what means your funds are safe always and wont have the problems of scammers or hackers that common exchanges face, you can trade there too. The DEX has an exclusive portfolio of assets like Zephyr (Bitspark project), BitUSD, BitCNY, BitRUBLE, Stealth, Hero and OpenLedger, this last one is the gateway used by The DEX to make external transactions. The community alone in telegram has more than 5k members plus another telegram channel to traders, apart of the core's channels at Github, Bitsharestalk, Steemit (part of the Bitshares family). We have a weekly report called "State od the Network". This is maybe the oldest and at the same time the only active and seriuos community that has keept connected despite the years. Bitshares has already developed three exchanges: The main DEX, the Russian "RUDEX" and the Thai "Bitshares Thailand".

We have one of the best staff of developers, they are too much active, so much that Bitshares is about to release some good news, some of them about code performance, new GUI, and the expansion of the Bitshares by listing it on other known exchanges, also new projects possibly with EOS and the new tool to send 100% anon transactions by Stealth (0 tracing) coming soon.

About technology: Median confirmation time=1.5 secs, Transaction rate capacity=100.000 tx/sec, Max transactions per day=8,600 million, Median transaction cost=$0.02~$0.003, Daily transaction record=920k, Custom tokens, Trustless stable coins, easy to read addresses, Blockchain length in blocks=20million

Clearly Bitshares is not a pump and dump token, it is a conglomerate of projects.

TA: Bitshares broke up the 50% RSI this week after almost 5 months being below it, the accumulation phase shows a strong support. It is probable this time the bullish cycle is more steady. Target: $0.5, $1 or higher, even some analysts are talking about $350 if Bitshares reaches the marketcap it needs the next months.

Good luck with your picks

交易進行: ¡¡¡IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT!!! POLONIEX CHART DOESNT WORK, PRICE IS NOT THE REAL BECAUSE THAT EXCHANGE IS HAVING PROBLEMS, BTS IS ACTUALLY BEING TRADED ON BINANCE, AEX, ZB AND BIGONE. YOU CAN TRADE IT ALSO ON THE DEX ( to download the wallet/exchange). Price is rocketing seriously because of Chinese community is buying a lot and because other good news of course.
評論: Price now on Binance and on the DEX is 0.000019....and going up!
評論: This Cup & Handle is part of the good news coming.
評論: More bullish impossible, wave 2 is done, so ready to ride the 3rd.
評論: Solid trend continuation.....
I read the news about the crypto bank as well and another announcement of a project that moves from ethereum to bitshares. also the hero campaign should start to kick in shortly. tether is around the corner and always drives new buyers to bitUSD and bitCNY that will drive up the demand for BTS. As long as everything stays as it is now or tether really collapses the price of BTS has lots of factors to drive him up.
leo_87 czarly
@czarly, all the projects are moving to bitshares, they know now what bitshares can do for their business and eth can't do it :)
czarly leo_87
@leo_87, there is NEO and NEM also. Ripple is a centralized blueprint for BItshares with much better marketing. Steem and EOS use the same technology with only slightly different targets. Decentralized exchanges will be the next big thing and BitSHares does not automatically win this field because it aged already. The stable coin concept was implemented on Ethereum in a much more robust fashion by the DAI project. Dash can transact almost as fast and pays development and participation from a reserve fund. I want to point out that nothing that is good about BitShares is exclusive to BitShares and the development is stalling for some time now, except for the new project announcements that still can switch.
@czarly, exactly, this is only the beginning, only know BTS is too cheap now. BTS is backed by strong fundamentals.
Any update on this?
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