BitShares/BTC Binance 10% REALISTIC 30% Optimistic

BINANCE:BTSBTC   BitShares / Bitcoin
-Based on 'Classical Charting' we can see multiple possible trade opportunities. REALISTIC 10%+ Optimistic 30%
-We have also hit what I would consider the "the bottom" (around 50% retrace) So a possible 30% jump coming to the old support?
-I have placed a dotted line where we should have seen a bounce and where my first sell orderwill be placed.
-Does the extra retrace give the upcoming trend reversal more steem?----- (Bad Dan Larimer joke)

-Zoom in, Check out the trades and remember, we work in possibilities.... Multiple POSSIBLE trades upcoming.

-I have bought in and will continue to buy if I see a repeat of the previous 3 opportunities
(Jan 2nd, Jan 5th and Jan 10th.)

-It is now 8pm GMT , Jan 16. I expect to sell around 0.00003500 in 2 days maximum. I will then evaluate the position if I consider us moving towards 30%

-Not unlike BTC , we could see 3 bounces sideways before we know the future of BitShares. (More bounces, more trades.)

交易進行: Nothing unusual, yet.

If I see a clear break, up and out of this trend, I will add some weight to my position.

We are testing a BIG historical ascending triangle, formed almost exactly 1 month ago and which allowed for the move from the 2000 Sat range, to the 3000.

If we break this support, we must re-evaluate.
評論: You can happily take your profit off the table here, or hold, I am personally looking to ride "house" money so I will be taking my profit at this point and increasing position if and when it dips.
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