BTS going high again

POLONIEX:BTSBTC   BitShares / Bitcoin
BTS is at a good buy, every analyzing every indicator looks like we are ready to go up again to the high of a week ago about,
my analyses indicates a oversold position , very strong support from the community this is one of the few times were you can go in a try to go for a 100% profit. Support levels are there i see maybe going a bit more down but overall it should start on a up trend .
1 Target 4200
2 Target 4900
3 Target 6000
Stop lose 2250
Good luck to every one and let's hit our target .
Please like always comment and let me know what you think .Thank you
交易進行: First target reached 3 days ago , now everything is going down , market is very unstable due to constant FUD news and lot's of new people that are not used to this kind of market , unfortunately many people get scared and sell like crazy even losing money , well at the end of the day we old trader like this new people they sell we buy and then we make money by selling back to them when they come back and want to buy again at higher price :) , market should sake anytime with a repeat of last month gain for almost all currency. I see BTS reach 2 target in a few days and go up and try to reach 3 target .
Don't forget to put your stop lose
Let me Know what you think by commenting , thank you.

OK the whole market is like starting to move , i think we have left the uncertainty, and scrolled from our back the weak trader now we should start going back up i see BTS and many other altcoin go up to the old high , 1 more thing to think over : i believe like i have say many time that 2018 would be the year of privacy coin and decentralized exchange and BTS is one of them.
Looks like some movement is coming to the Alts , most are oversold and many indicator point to an uptrend , it all really depends on BTC if it starts slowing down and going sideways we would see a come back of Alts, in the mean time is a good moment to pick up some more Alts and grow your portfolio, remember that this is the right moment to buy may never would be back at this price, i picket up a few thousands BTS yesterday at the price was 2143 , let's see were we go from here.
Like always let me know what you think by commenting below, Good luck to all of US.

BTS looks like want's to start go up, looking at the chart i see a double or even a triple bottom reversal that occured on the 19-20-21 Feb, i put a red line to show the 3 times , then from there i signet in green we had 3 lows always higher then the last, MACD signal looks Bullish to me and the RSI is about half way sitting at 50. So looking at all this signal i think we are ready for going up i would say in the order of about 25 -30 % before maybe a correction.
Like always leave a comment and let me know what you think.
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