BTSBTC - Daily Chart "Cup and Handle or not?"

POLONIEX:BTSBTC   BitShares / Bitcoin
Should be retesting blue curve, the prior larger fractal could repeat thus invalidating a cup and handle (handle should be in making now then). If we break blue curve strong odds that we are not making cup and handle for higher levels and the previous fractal repeats.

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評論: MACD still comming down on daily. Stoch RSI looks low but could continue, macd bullish cross over would be better signal to buy.
評論: So support levels are:
0.0000365, 50% retracenent
0.0000315, 58.6% retracement
0.0000296, 61.8% retracement
評論: Short target reached, should bounce now
交易結束:目標達成: Target reached
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Just FYI, this looks seasonal to me. Data shows BTC hit its annual low in the second week of January for 2015 (low was Jan 15), 2016 (low was Jan 16), 2017 (low was Jan 12).
Woah churned this one out quick! :)

Based on your comments would you say the fractal price spike from 6/07-6/10 has already occurred for this cycle? Current MACD fractal looks like 5/03-6/03 before the big moonshot on 6/07-6/10/
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cryptoc4l Gemini47
@KennethTran, following this. also, relative to STR & XRP and their market cycle timings we should be approaching a pump. not currently in BTS but this does look interesting
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