New idea- its been a while!

I have been Margin Trading on Poloniex. The non-trending (sideways) market makes it hard to find time to publish trades- as my goals are based on a very short time frame.

Swing Trade- a day to a week Hold

- overall Uptrend
- correction phase trend line broken- (downtrend line broken)
- falling wedge- BULLish pattern
- Elliot Wave Triangle Correction Complete ABCDE
- BULLish Stoch
- BULLish MACD and BULL cross
-+DMI increasing

- if missed the entry then wait for the consolidation and next movement as price action will IMPULSE- REACT- and then Continue
- Look for consolidation in the magenta range as there is a good amount of support and resistance there.

- ATH            

交易進行: .00004391 even margin
評論: BULL volume= decreasing volume on pullback, increasing volume on expansion

Volume not there yet - hopefully soon ;)

交易結束:達到停損點: Late Publish-
Cut all losing margins quick-

My personal Day trade limits
-Max loss for me is 7.5%, so I exit margin at 3% loss with 2.5x.

Did I buy it right? Is the price lower than when I bought in?-
If so, then I bought it wrong.
"-Max loss for me is 7.5%, so I exit margin at 3% loss with 2.5x. " - so how big (in percents) is your loss exactly???? 250% ????!??!
@Efremov4D, For a trade gone wrong and stop loss hit, my goal max loss of 7.5% of my total portfolio. (not margin size)

Account Portfolio $100K
Margined at 2.5x
Margined Position is $250K

Max Loss 7.5% of $100K or $7500
Max Loss on margin then is $7500/$250000 = 3%

These are my personal boundaries I use:
1. For Day trading or Swing Trading = Max loss for my account balance on any one trade is 7.5% (Goal as low as possible). Low Risk, high reward setups are the goal.

2. For Long Term Draw Down Protection = Max loss of 21.5% is my goal set across 3 stop losses.
Stop Loss 1= 13% remove 1/3 position
Stop Loss 2= 20% remove 1/3 position
Stop Loss 3= 31% remove 1/3 position
Averaged out at 21.3%

hope this helps good luck!
DigitalMoneyTraders PRO DigitalMoneyTraders
@DigitalMoneyTraders, One more thing- remember never set stop loss ONLY based off percentages. They should always be based of areas of support and resistance and the percents are a guideline/ goal.
Thank you sir
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