Late recovery

POLONIEX:BTSBTC   BitShares / Bitcoin
BTS so far didn't recover, It may be late or may not happen, just in case it is late I gave it some shot. This setup might only trigger above the green dash line with main resistence on the blue line and final target on red one. The timing is always trick to get it right, might take 14 days from now.
評論: So far just a bull trap, it stayed for 10 bars above the trigger with low volume. It's always wise to wait some bars for confirmation of the signal, will keep monitoring, it it fails to go up it could provide good use for shorting like in the BTC downtrending:

交易進行: This trade is now inverted, SHORT:

評論: We are still shorted but the market is looking unclear at the moment, with a slight bias downtrend:

交易結束:達到停損點: We got a stop loss shorting, It will inverted (again) after 3323 and will Rocket to the space !!
評論: I am waiting for a new breakout, not on the green line, as it is now a minefield of traps, but the last recent top:

hahahah when rocket
bitcoin pozdrav
@pozdrav, see last comment on idea, waiting for last recent top
+1 回覆
pozdrav bitcoin
@bitcoin, yeah i see resistance on the cloud at 3400
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