BTS/BTC are we entering wave 3?

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@woer nice analysis. I am a newbie, trying to learn. Was playing around with the daily charts, in that the current wave seems more like the corrective wave "B", what are your thoughts? Wouldn't that mean that we cannot go higher than the ATH in the current wave?
Woer chat00
@chat00, We can and we cannot simultanously, noone knows for sure. If You bought BTS low 2400-3200 sat. Then You dont have anything to worry about as You have good position. You can wait out even one correction after another. Im suspecting that we are currently in big wave 3 and it will go much,much higher than that, as wave 3 cannot be the shortest one and big wave 1 went from 890 to 6800 satoshi.

So, thats what I'm basically aiming at: mid term for a lot of coins to finish that big 3 waves (it may be long term, who knows).

And answering your question - noone knows how high will wave 3 go until it finishes and begin an correction. It may go higher than ATH and it can go lower. Its very hard to sell at the top.
@Woer, Got it. Yes my buy price is around those levels. Thanks!!
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