Houston, we are go for Launch.

For the most part $burst has been quietly prepping a launch pad for something most will wish they grabbed a bag of.. People always forget about the old poloniex whales who don't care to spend each day attempting to remove some of their BTC off the exchange, they'd much rather quietly gather coins to the point of richlist elite.

Look at total supply, uniqueness, greeness, new development, been shilled multiple times on Linus tech tips youtube channel(over 5 million followers), and overall chart attractiveness to traders. Burst will soon be leaving its current solar system in search of a new home.

Compare the current supply to the max supply and then look at the price of coins with high supply such as xrp, stellar , digibyte and even iota(which burst has recently updated the majority of its code to move toward tangle/dag tech rather than blockchain)

Long story short, Get some before you regret some.
評論: if you got in prior to this pump, I'd stay for a few more weeks at least. the weekly rsi looks delicious.
評論: We should float along 330sats area for a bit before the finding a new system to call home.
I like what you spittin'. She's moving a little slower than we hoped, but I'm right there with you on the big picture. You should make a new update for this chart!
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