Explosive Run Imminent

If you took my recommendations you have loaded up on CDE well below 8 and every dip to 8. Now it is time to back up the truck, fill the tank, and BUY till it hurts. When it passes 9 the run to 10, 12 and 15-16 will be astounding! BUY,BUY,BUY and keep buying! Chartsmaster
If you wanted to address the EFX post, why didn't you? You specifically commented on the CDE post. When I challenged you, you had no response but went to a different topic. No guts to backup your prediction that CDE would go to 6? If you don't like my posts just don't follow my advice. I will match my track record and returns on recommendations with anybody on the site. Chartsmaster
It's on the way to $6.
@ebahiti, Your comment shows you are clueless when it comes to reading a stock chart.The only way you will see 6 is if it goes to 60 and has a10 for 1 split! I am willing to state that if this falls to 6, I will admit I am clueless & stop posting on this site. If it goes to 10 will you do the same? Chartsmaster
ebahiti chartsmaster
@chartsmaster, Oh boy, with that big ego of yours you should stop trading, never mind just posting. You talk as if you have a crystal ball in your hands. On Oct 25th, 2017, you posted this idea

Turns out you shorted at the bottom, as it went from 104 to 126 in less than a few weeks. You should really return that crystal ball as it is as clear as the mud. Comment back all you want, I will waste no more time with you.
ebahiti chartsmaster
@chartsmaster, how you doin', chief? We're at $5.55 and the end is not even in sight. I really hope no one listened to your foolish blabber and I also hope you stay true to your word and never post here again.
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