$CHAT: Medium-risk, high-reward opportunity

1. BINANCE:CHATBTC just made the breakout to the 55-EMA on the 4 hour chart and is supporting quite well
2. It is now getting a higher high, higher low, therefore uptrend.
3. RSI is having higher highs and higher lows as well.
4. BINANCE:CHATBTC is in the lowest has its been

How to play:
You can certainly buy @ 55 ema bounce if it happened again. Set stop loss @ 1030 sats
Sell at the 200 EMA , however, leave some of your holding. It may go higher than that. If it didn't sell the rest

$CHAT has absolutely horrifying fundamentals, scammy even. proceed with caution, this weak fundamentals is the reason I gave it a medium risk rating
評論: It increased more than 10% after posting this.I actually don't know what is pushing the price at these levels. it even busted through on the channel. This coin is a scam at best, just look at their website and go to the team part of the page and you will know.

However, profits are profits.
Chart is so crowded.
raizumaraiz ForecastCity
@ForecastCity, I'll take note of that, thanks!
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