Crude vs. 06-2007

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Crude has been following this 2006-07 fractal for quite a while now, partially sustained by the weakness witnessed in the greenback. Chances to see weakness, before renewed straighten, seem to be implied somehow in an atypical head and shoulders to be negated after the next rollover. Then to be monitored further for assessing the exponential move it followed at the dawn of the Great Recession.
交易進行: 1/4 position closed
交易進行: another 1/4 off
評論: 1/4 off. last 1/4 left
交易結束:目標達成: last 1/4 off
Unbelivebel wooow can you make a fractal waves in indices dax and dow???? 10x y r good
Still seems to be working quite well. Looks like it predicts another plunge before moving higher. Any chance you could update this? Not being lazy just having trouble recreating
do you think its gonna go up and up from here
why are you closing if everything works well?
@AlbCM, scaling out profits it's always part of the strategy
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