Jesus this a beautiful oppurtunity.

BITTREX:CPCUSD   CapriCoin / Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
254 10
Look at bitcoins fractal from april 2014 to the moonshot we are in now . Capri coin is showing the same fractal . This is a phenomenal oppurtunity. I just dumped like 500 dollars into this. It could turn in to a hell of a lot more than that.

Big volume and rounded bottom for support

Bulls have woken up and we should continue to rally HARD
評論: 900$
評論: MArket cap is 4 million. There are many shit coins with much higher market caps. Much room to grow
評論: i said fuck it 2k long 1.45$$
評論: My first buys I was being a noob and chasing price.

Now I see 4 wave triangle which i believe will break upwards

Been waiting for retrace. This beast has been asleep for years. It's about to blow now.
There is a story i've heard before.
There was an old bull and a young bull standing on top of a hill watching over a field of cows. The young bull looks over at the old bull and says, " Lets run down there and fuck a cow" The old bull snorts and laughs at the young bull. He comments "How about we walk down there and fuck them all?"
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amags TintAdvice
@TintAdvice, Well if fucking bulls means making money then let's fuck them all!
You went in $2k?
amags storyofoctavian
@storyofoctavian, hehe yes i did
amags storyofoctavian
@storyofoctavian, i consider the low prices a gift from the whales. Maybe I'll get fucked but no other crypto i've looked at has profit potential like this one.
amags amags
@amags, I'm all in. Ya boy tryna not have to work
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amags amags
@amags, 2k includes the money u gave me too haha
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@amags, I feel, doesn't increase it by that much haha. Not sure if you've been making all those initial investments from previous trading, but either way, good looks on the investment gains!

Ripple looks like a sweet catch. I'm coming after them whales, gonna ride them like Moby dick.
amags storyofoctavian
@storyofoctavian, It's the only guaranteed trading strategy. Maybe that's why I'm being such a risky retard. Hope it works out!
@amags, At this rate you won't have to.
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