If 0,16 CAD hold, then we can reach 0,39 CAD

23 5
Risk Analyse: For Elliott Wave , we need a liquid stock value, but maybe this is also an opportunity, as Canamex plans to launch its own gold token later this year. In addition, if the drill results are good, the 0.39 CAD could be achieved. With a current entry to 0.19 CAD, the stop loss must be 0.16 CAD. Since it is an illiquid stock, the size of the position must be taken into account. If Canemex go under 0,15 CAD the Count is wrong!
評論: Interesting is that wave a = wave c, so the Count can go in the right direction.
Zins oder Dividende? Aktien oder Anleihen? Was sind Wandeloptionsanleihen?
Immobilien oder Rohstoffe?
Sind Lebensversicherungen noch sicher?
Geld richtig investieren!
Great analysis! I am actually seeing a head and shoulders pattern. I, personally would wait for a bullish candle above the 0.155 price and try to ride that wave up.

I would be following this stock now.
StefanBode balanar_NS
@balanar_NS, But only a small position, because only 160-600,000 shares are traded per day.
balanar_NS StefanBode
@StefanBode, at what volume do you decide the size of your position?
balanar_NS balanar_NS
I personally have just been going to >500k of trade volume per day.
StefanBode balanar_NS
@balanar_NS, I need a good story from the company for really small caps and a good board for my 1-3 years of investment. If the base is right, a volume over 100k per day is fine. But if stock prices go in the right direction, then I will sell into the market.
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