CVC-BTC Mid to long term

BITTREX:CVCBTC   Civic / Bitcoin
One of the major reasons why Civic could have good 2018 is due to the partnership with Votem in order to launch first CVC             Powered Know Your Customer process. Votem is a platform that enables citizens             , organizations and governments to easily manage and participating in online voting. Multiple countries are thinking of using the blockchain for their next presidential elections and Civic has had conversations with various government entities throughout the world already. Let’s see…time will tell if Civic is the one

TA indicators: Civic could be forming a cup (red arrow) based on the accumulation phase inside B1 buy zone. Boolinger Bands are going into squeeze and could indicate a direction change towards the Major bearish downtrend line. RSI and MACD are markec cwith medium bullish divergence (Oscilator with higher lows while price lows are in horizontal level). It has to be noted that the RSI is also approaching historical resistance zone which could send the pirce either for another support verification or than into B2/B3 buy zone.
評論: 1st target reached (est. 70% gain)
RSI at resistance --> expect some selling to start soon
MACD still has room to grow.
Price got rejected by 200 EMA and will mostly somewhere around 100 EMA
評論: Golden cross spotted on 4h chart. As well as divergence which could mean that correction is coming in.

Look for support at 0.00004 or than 61.80, 71.60 fib levels
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