CVC/BTC Binance Listing TA

BINANCE:CVCBTC   Civic / Bitcoin
Hi Everyone,

As you've all heared, Civic got listed on Binance today, which created a nice 24% hike after the news about the listing broke out.
Just for you're info, Binance opened trading for CVC/BNB, CVC/BTC and CVC/ETH trading pairs on 28th May at 09:00 AM UTC .

What is Civic CVC/BTC?

Civic is a personal identity verification protocol that leverages distributed ledger technology to better manage digital identities. As with blockchain projects focusing on supply chain management for consumer products, Civic envisions a safer, cheaper, more efficient identity verification method for individuals and industries around the globe.

Imagine how many times you’ve had to go through a Know Your Customer ( KYC ) verification process. Whenever you apply for a new job, open a bank account, or participate in an I.C.O, you have to submit proof of identity and wait for it to be verified. Depending on the service, this could take days or weeks, as organizations have to spend the time and resources authenticating this information with outdated systems.

Civic is offering a new-age solution to this problem, one where a single input of your personal identity information allows any organization or service to cross-check it on the blockchain without asking you to provide the same data twice–personal identity verification that is transferable from one service to another.

How it Works?

Civic’s network accommodates three different–but interdependent–individuals/entities: users, validators, and service providers. The users are anyone who wishes to use the protocol to register an identity, and Civic makes this easy and safe with its Secure Identity app.

Validators are responsible for verifying an identity’s authenticity on the blockchain’s distributed ledger. They can then sell this information to service providers who need to verify their customer’s identities, exchanging the data for CVC . Civic is built on the Ethereum blockchain and uses smart contracts to oversee data attestation and payout for this work.

Want to learn more about this amazing project ? Check out the link

Technical Analysis Time !

As you can see a huge spike towards the 6k satoshi was created by the listing (on Binance), and as a trader I always try to catch the bottom of the correction which usually happens after a coin get's listed.
The best thing to do is to wait and be patient.

I opened my Charts and checked out the 5min frame of CVC/BTC and after waiting a bit you finally start to see the RSI level taking shape. I followed that RSI signal until it hits the oversold point (usually starts when it hits under 30).
When that occured, a bought my self a nice bag of CVC/BTC at 4400sats. In other words, Jackpot.

The buy vol started to kick we mooned.

Please use this TA as a start for you to see where the resistances are located, so i might help you making some nice gains !
As you can see the Stoch RSI just crossed upwards, which means we are going to see another room very soon.

MACD is still not showing any good signal, just because the listing happened today. Tomorrow we will be able to see more in this 15min chart.

I hope this can help you, as it helped me making a nice profit today on this listing.

Keep in mind that this coin is an amazing investment, its being listed on the last large exchange, they are already listed on so many good exchanges that have lots of volume , this coin will only grow more.

Thank you for reading this !
Donc forget to hit the like button if you learned/enjoy !

Raw_Blits out.
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