DASH - Level Hit - Where do We Go From Here

BITTREX:DASHUSD   Dash / Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
Dash was one of the few cryptos that actually recovered quite quickly forming a nice bottom "V" pattern. So does this continue higher like bitcoin' did or do we get an ABC' correction pattern? Well it's not so clear but we are forming in the target area we had previously posted on. So if you were trading you could close out the trade here and either look for a correction back into the $550-$650 area and reversal or just hold for the next target level.

I personally am choosing to hold and will add to the trade and core position on a pullback. The reason is pretty straight forward. I'm in this at a much lower level. We were adding at the $300 and then again at the $605 level and have had a nice return so far, and not only do I like the coin, I like the way this has moved and it was one of only 6 coins yesterday to be in the green over a 24 hour period, and that's vs the top 100 coins. To me this screams the market likes the coin as well. So why bet against the market?

In addition I will add on a breakout of $850 if we do not get a correction as our cost average (even though up) provides us some cushion from a huge pullback.

Bottom line we have been touting this coin for over a month, and the market agrees. It is already trading near yesterdays top and unlike other coins surged after the correction to a new high. In my opinion this coin is headed higher from here.
Waiting update idea...
Han Solo : "I have a bad feeling about this..."
Any update on this one Mr. Goldbug1?
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Glad to hear it's your favourite coin, mine too, and I seem to one of the few people actually calling it, most people just chase the hype coins..... makes no sense
Thank you for the analysis!
thanks goldbug1 for the analysis once again!
Thank you!
Great idea.. love it! Thx!
After seeing how DASH was hardly even hit by the correction, this is one I wouldn't sell to get back to at a lower level. What a strong coin, eh?
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DrStein SafeGamble
@SafeGamble, I first heard about Dash when it was at 30$ but back then I didn't trust alt coins. I still regret that I didn't buy some.

Its a really strong coin indeed in the hell of volatility of the crypto universe.I would definitely buy some if it drops a little bit.
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