DASH reaching support at 900$. A good entering position

POLONIEX:DASHUSD   Dash / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
The majority of coins are red this morning following fall of BTC -3.55% and ETH.
Dash founded again strong support at 900$. This is a good entering position. It seems that support won't get broken because every time that it was tested we can see a big number of people ready to buy at the dip.
The first target is at 1100$. But if the triangle gets broken we can expect further growth.
Possible ATH -0.64% before the middle of February.
評論: The support at 900$ was broken but DASH has found the next support at 700$. It seems that the whole market was oversold and the bounce was expected. Like a bitcoin, I expect that DASH goes horizontal for some time before it becomes bullish again.
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