DAX: Weekly overview! WIll we restest the 12.000? ***19.11.18***

Hey tradomaniacs,

since we`ve created the Diamond-Pattern after the high in Mai @ 13.206, we`ve seen a huge Sell-Off down to 11.040,5 this october!

It was as crazy and volatile as expected! But what now?

There were many different fundamental aspects causing this nervous market.

  • Italy`s budget and it`s bond yields
    Failing Brexit

    Weak wallstreet which is concerned about the tradewar

    Strong US-Dollar

    Supply-deficits in the tech-sector ( apple ) which totally destroyed the Dow&Jones and SPX500 ,

    Saudi-Arabia and so on.

However, we know the market is irrational and won`t give up that quick. The scent of profit is too strong and the market might see good chances to buy during the Years-End causing a rally.
Will we retest 12.000?

The Chart is currently still bearish . But break through the imortant 12.000 could be like a heart-warming hot chocolate during cold winter days giving the market hope to see a rally up to a new ATH .
I expect at least a retest of it. :-)

Peace and good trades
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