DCR in a good accumulation zone

POLONIEX:DCRBTC   Decred / Bitcoin
DCR has been praised by many as well as having an amazing governance model and solid team. We really need to look at this Bitcoin rise as a blessing for giving us optimal entries for certain alts in the future. Decred is approaching the classic 0.883 retracement as well as very likely to respect a prior top from February as shown in the chart. Any price here or below will be amazing entries once we begin to look in hindsight and I would consider to begin to build longs here as ultimate bottoms are impossible to predict due to liquidity issues as well as no one can tell how strong the emotions people will feel here as they continue to sell here for massive losses. Crypto is a game of deception and if they continue to fill orders here or below, count your blessings and take it, just continue to average yourself in micro-buys and buy people's fear.
評論: still in a great accumulation zone. i would for sure be scaling in here for the next cycle.
Hi Papou, please share more of your views for DCRBTC, I'm thinking about how to trade it...
Papou wuyisepexf
@wuyisepexf, right now the best way would be to microbuy it. dont ever buy your entire position in one single order and vice versa, never sell it in one single order. if you are willing to say dedicate 1 btc for DCR, split it in 5 orders of 0.2 btc for example and buy it on the way down. Same way on the flip side, when its pumping, start selling it in chunks on the way up.
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Hey papou, can you tell me the strategy to buy.
Bcs on the way to the bottom, there will be some moments it will retrace back, should I sell at those moments and buy when it goes back down again.
As for the going up there will be some moments of going down during the up times, how should I trade in these situations.
Btw, your tip about dividing the buying orders and selling orders are really helpful to me. Thanks
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