DCR definitely going to go up! chinese coming

POLONIEX:DCRBTC   Decred / Bitcoin
there are some reasons:
- alt parties are back
- Lighting Network is coming within a month. Yeah I am not kidding
- one of the few coins which has strong community support.
- great devs ( bitcoin devs) + Charles Lee ( LTC 0.33% dev)
- low cap coin and low supply
-1 Day chart has broken the downtrend channel
what else do we still ask for ? join the party before it is too late
DCR had an epic pump during the beginning of this year and it has retraced significantly. Time for another incoming EPIC pump

2 hours ago
Comment: Chinese exchange Binance is going to add Decred soon. Remembered what happened to MCO when it was added :))
an hour ago
Trade active: Forgot to mention that Ledger Nano will support DCR soon
best trade ,, you check my profile , i also have ideas like you
Price down a decent chunk. How much more will it drop before ascending, do you think?
Do you know the dates for the exchange? I'm in SYS right now... and ZEC. And BCH.
So... I should buy now even though it already PUMPED? Pissed I didn't buy at $26...
Frankanalysis mightytrader
If you want to buy, just buy, when you sure its up
mightytrader Frankanalysis
@Frankanalysis, Hopefully there's some pull back so I get a better RR.
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