Will Digibyte Return to 72 Satoshi?

BITTREX:DGBBTC   DigiByte / Bitcoin
This is a fair question and it must be emphasized that this analysis has nothing to do with fundamentals.

If the Bitcoin market chooses the path of an extended crash then we must prepare for further downward movement for all alt coins (including Digibyte).

It all boils down to the intentions and desires of market makers. It has nothing to do with retail investors like you or I. We are simply small fish in a vast ocean that is absolutely dominated by whales.

So, the big question is, does the Bitcoin market maker want a discounted price at the floor or do they want to go on a bull run from current levels?

Honestly, it could go either way but I am more inclined to think that Bitcoin will have an extended crash which will cause Digibyte to return to a floor where the demand is much higher.

The most probable floor exists between 72 - 251 sats .

Patience is key.

Certainly we should not expect DGB to go on a massive bull run if Bitcoin starts a capitulation phase. It's not smart to think that way.

Let's wait to see how the Bitcoin market behaves. We need confirmation before going long for the sole purpose of capital management.

After all, if our bias is correct, then we can accumulate a strong position with leverage at the floor where the demand is great. This will give us more purchasing power and allow for a great long term positional play.

I may be wrong in my analysis so you should conduct your own and never trust in my ideas or opinions.

To conclude, I have a bias towards a bearish crypto market but will dynamically change to bullish if and only if Bitcoin and Digibyte can prove themselves to be bullish with irrefutable signals.

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crypto_gunther XenoBiologist
@XenoBiologist, This idea seems invalid. Bitcoin is stable which will allow alt coins to go on bull runs. Cup and handle seems like the most probable.
Hi! How can you overlap past charts on the current one? Thx!
@sgemini, You can do this by using the bars pattern tool. Go to the toolbar and click on the menu that is directly above the Bitcoin icon. Select the bars pattern tool. Go to the first candle of the range that you want to copy and click once and then do the same for the last candle. A fractal of that range will appear. You can then move the fractal, flip it, mirror it, or do a combination of both.

Let me know how it works out.
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