DigiByte Trading Opportunity

POLONIEX:DGBBTC   DigiByte / Bitcoin
The price is going to bounce from the uptrend line. MACD lines confirm upward movement in short term. DMI allows open long trades. It's trading opportunity and we can try to catch a possible upward movement. Place pending orders for buy at 0.00000370 level. Stop orders must be below the uptrend line and the support. It's 0.00000325 level. Profit targets are 0.00000450 and 0.00000480 levels. Based on the daily chart we have a triangle chart pattern. The price is at the support line of this pattern and the market has potential for upward movement.
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Wow, good call
sir your local swing high is always accurate i am amazed
Can DGB be left for long run?
I believe CITI announcement is on Oct 2nd. - This may affect price earlier or before. https://www.reddit.com/r/Digibyte/comments/6vdqa8/2_october_is_the_day_we_know_if_digibyte_won_the/
@Danoldo, Jared Tate, founder of DGB, answered questions via Reddit yesterday. Someone asked about the Citibank announcement and he stated "no official word from Citi on any further event. We are not planning on attending anything on Oct 2nd because there has been no event publicly announced." Easily searchable via google...I still believe in the product and they may have won but wanted to share this information as I was looking into these rumors earlier today. Cheers.
Nice! Also looking for an upward movement!
4/5 times I always go for a crypto as per your analysis on that crypto.. not because of blindness but the signals and your analysis convince me technically. Hoping this one to break and hit the expected target.
Long term
Do you see any future upside for king term hold
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