Digibyte Price Analysis.

BITTREX:DGBUSD   DigiByte / US Dollar
There's a lot going on in this chart here.

Bullish Case
Digibyte has closed above the 50 day moving average for 2 consecutive days and it was above average volume . The volume acts as a good confirmation that this was a meaningful move and as long as we can hold the 50 DMA, we should be in good shape. If anything this should act as support if the price gets in trouble. If anything, it should at least bounce the price. Digibyte has also been challenging and flirting with the 200 day moving average. A break above and especially if some decent volume accompanies it, is very bullish . The MACD had a nice cross at the lows on April 2nd. Usually this type of divergence, (being the price heading down but the MACD crossing up) is a good indicator that the trend may be due to reverse. The cherry on top is the beautiful saucer pattern that started forming on March 3rd and that was also a crazy price action day for DGB . We're sitting at the top of the saucer right now and this also can help propel the price higher if it breaks out.

All of this is a perfect storm for higher Digibyte prices if we can break out of this area.

Bearish Case
Well the overall breadth and crypto market in general still has a lot of work to do and some serious "technical healing" on the longer term charts. The RSI is heading into overbought territory on the daily chart and this could potentially "pump the brakes" to make the price stall at the 200 day moving average.

Other than that.... not a whole lot of a case to be made for the bears here.
Interesting chart...there has been some volume here. Digibyte has been looking bullish and has been flirting at a real break out. Will watch it. It has been up against the dollar and rated as a buy. Hard to get a real sense on the chart but I think it it is going to hold this price and actually break through and go over 3 cents.
@svhill11, What do you mean by "rated it a buy."
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