TVC:DJI   道瓊斯工業平均指數
5 waves up close to finish the bull market started in 2009. Minor wave 5 could go as high as 23000 points.
Wait for five waves down to confirm wave A, but only trade wave B and C.
"Smart Money and The "DOW" (E-Mini)
1a = Plus 208 contracts --- March, 2009
1b = Minus 94,974 contracts --- September, 2017

"Large Speculators and The "DOW" (E-Mini)
2a = Plus 2,277 contracts --- March, 2009
2b = Plus 95,721 contracts --- September, 2017

"Small Speculators and The "DOW" ("Little Guys and Little Gals") --- (E-Mini)
3a = Minus 2,485 contracts --- March, 2009
3b = Minus 747 contracts --- September, 2017

Just sharing some information.
I like it, very nice. Thank you very much for posting this. This is tied for for my #1 wave count.

I would like to add the other wave count. ( In a very nice way. )

( ? Your Running flat for wave #2 is the big ? )
" Only Time Will Tell "

#1a= Your wave "A" of wave two, Could be labled wave #2.
#1b= Your wave "B" of wave #2, could be wave #1 of wave #3.
#1c= Your wave "C" of wave #2, Could be wave #2 of wave #3.
( " IF " this count is correct, then we would be ending wave #5 of wave #3. )

" If " I am correct the 4 year cycle low is due to bottom sometime next year. ( 2018 )
This timing would work for wave " Four of Wave #5 to Bottom "
Some people think the four year cycle is not working any more.
" Believe me it is working just the way it should be working. "

The " Four Year Cycle " can work in one or two ways.
"Larry Williams would have the best answer to this." He wrote about this many years ago, how it works.
( Not very many people know about this. )

I am not recommending any one buy or sell anything. ( Do your own home work. )
I am just sharing my thoughts.

One Eye Jim

jeffreyjim jeffreyjim
@jeffreyjim, I would like to correct one thing on the comment I posted.

( This timing would work for " Wave Four " to bottom. ) " Not Wave Four of Wave Five " sorry.
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