Ultimate manipulation in stock market. MUST READ!!!

DJ:DJI   道瓊工業平均指數
Check that chart out. Check that volume spike that got a double bottom boost 8/2015 - 1/2016 This is the start of the "burn" for USD. As you see, volume trend continued along with the price. You can see at the very end there... Head and shoulders . This is a full fledged FED RES MANIPULATION and I suspect a crash like that of '29. This would be 90 years virtualy to the day. I through a couple date markers there which mark: Montagu Norman, Governor of the Bank of England, came to Washington on February 6, 1929, to confer with Andrew Mellon, Secretary of the Treasury
March 9, 1929, when the Financial Chronical quoted Warburg as giving this sound advice:
"If orgies of unrestricted speculation are permitted to spread too far . the ultimate collapse is certain ... to bring about a general depression involving the whole country."

This quote is damn near identical to the one I read in the news paper 2 days ago... Take head loved ones. Hopefully crypto turns to the up and not follows. #themerger
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