How the stock market will execute a MAJOR 20% correction ahead.

DJ:DJI   道瓊工業平均指數
Gold charts ready to moon, JPY pairs had a healthy pullback and ready for another leg down.
Stock indices making bearish patterns.

Political tensions at ATH , Fed tightening interest rates and removing stimulus/ support for the stock market.
The stars have aligned. The stock market is ready for a HUGE correction.

Classic Elliot wave analysis.

Price has made a pullback to the downward parallel channel in a flag pattern , broke the flag to the downside and plunged.
If you zoom into the 4HR/1HR candles you can clearly count the sub waves. So I have no doubt the stock market will remain bearish in the short/medium term for the rest of 2018.

Good financial earning reports from companies in the coming week will provide a unsustainable pullback for a good short entry with short term target of 20000. which is a good 20% chunk!
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