Dow Jones average THE END?

TVC:DJI   道瓊斯工業平均指數
309 4
This Chart is just to think about. Can this market go to the moon? Is there so much liquitity? Or should we leave the Party now?

Need we a after the Party a hangover? A market is never riskless! There are good reason that its over now....

Take care....
Starting point --- "March 2009" --- "DOW Great Recession Low"
"I" think if we top soon "2017" any time, it will only be the top of ( Wave 5 of Wave 3 ) --- with --- ("Wave 4" and "Wave 5") left to complete.
We are to "OVERBOUGHT" for this to be "The Big Top". "I" have two special number systems "I" use with "INDICATORS".
"I" can take "OVERBOUGHT" and "OVERSOLD" to many different levels. Something very rare just happened last Month. (September, 2017).
1a = Level 1 = small --- Level 10 = Jumbo --- ("Level 5" --- At or Above 70 = Very, very Overbought)
1b= This is only the "FOURTH" time --- "1915 to Date". (Level 5 = "70 Plus --- Monthly Close" --- Very, very Overbought) --- (Ultimate Oscillator = "UO")
1c = Using the "DOW Industrials Chart" (First Monthly Close at or above "70")
1d = "UO" = 70 Plus = "October, 1925"
1e = "UO" = 72 Plus = "August, 1928"
1f = "UO" = 70 Plus = "February, 1955" ("I" posted April, 1955 at 71 Plus) -- As the First Monthly Close at or above "70" on some other post. (February, 1955 is the first Monthly close at "70" Plus)
1g = "UO" = 70 Plus = "September, 2017"
"I" will not post a chart showing this. (You can do it on your own. It is worth doing.)

("I' will show some "Level 5" --- "UO" --- "TOPS")
2a = "UO" = "69 Plus" was the highest high (Overbought). "July, 1986"
2b = "UO" = "65.50 Plus" was the highest high (Overbought). " May, 2007" --- ("65 Plus" = "October, 2007" = Second Highest High "OVERBOUGHT")
(This is for the "Little Guys and Little Gals")
This is for "EDUCATION ONLY" --- This Is Not a "Buy or Sell" recommendation. --- (Please do your own homework.)

Thanks for listening,
"One Eye Jim"
"The Commitment of Traders Report ("COT") Reports"
"The Little Guys and The Little Gals" (Small Speculators)
1a= E-Mini SP500
1b = Minus 133,087 contracts. "August 14,2017"
1c = Minus 34,135 contracts. "October 9, 2017"
This is for "Education Only" (This is not a buy or sell recommendation.)

Just sharing some info,
"One Eye Jim"
Market react at Energie points! I believe at this point we have got one. Look at Vix. Everybody is careless. The market is driven by hope. Margin levels are at extreme highs. Market is driven by stupid, carless etf buyers.
Interest are going higher. So the earnings value will get lower. So sales have to be much higher to justify this EPS.

It looks likes the year 2000

But make your sole analysis,,,, sole decisions

("There are good reasons that it is over now ....") Could you please finish this ?
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