DOGE/BTC (300%) Earning Potiential

BITTREX:DOGEBTC   Dogecoin / Bitcoin
--Doge is looking good for potential breakout.

-TD 9 count on 4h chart is a yellow candle signaling a possible reversal. -Stoch RSI is oversold
-MACD is in the buy zone.

I think we have reached a good support around 60 satoshi. Target levels 111,139,151.

(5+ likes and I will keep trade updated)
i believe so...
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One person's opinion, but BTC going to 8k potentially will keep Doge and most other coins pretty suppressed until there's a BTC
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MtlRock garyuws
@garyuws, even so thats better then bitcoin reversing back upward which would send coins down many levels also. I think stable and declining bitcoin prices are better for alt coin trading in the short-medium term. Bu
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garyuws MtlRock
@MtlRock, It's in a weird FUD/Buy Back pattern. Whales are probably getting rich off the FUD lol. Hopefully, it goes to 13,500 and sends the alts up as well.
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