POLONIEX:DOGEBTC   Dogecoin / Bitcoin
Why is doge pumping? Fought id never say those words LOL
So why, my speculation is because of new traders and Pac coin... yes the price is going up because of some other coin, people are buying doge so they can get pac coin and thats a lot of people...
Pac is treading 24mill in volume in which i think 14mil is in doge coin and the other in ltc and btc .
price will correct around 100 sat and then bounce back to 140 sat. It wouldnt surprise me if doge hit 200 sat this year!
評論: Projecting to see 118 sat resistance at 121 sat
評論: Hey follower i just wanted you to hear it here first to check out mint coin on cryptopia It has huge potential to get 30+ sat
mint huh?
ferari3211 rockriver
@rockriver, Yeah it went to 24sat, to bad bitcoin fell
Hi, i'm following you right now.
Dont think its that, the main exchange where doge is traded for pac has been paused for almost 2 days now.
Its something else.
ferari3211 Lineage55
@Lineage55, It has alot to do with it. at least in the beginning you couldnt trade btc/pac they opened that after and the people who bought at yobit for 1sat overbought (at the time), we can see now doge hasnt moved much after the pause and also a lot of new traders are buying low priced coins
could u ntell me we can buy from where ?
ferari3211 MrAmrXMohameD
@MrAmrXMohameD, cryptopia
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MrAmrXMohameD ferari3211
@ferari3211, i mean pleas tell me i buy it at how much satoshi ? it will correcet to where ? 75 sat ?
What's the relationship between Doge and Pacoin
@Tranx, You can only buy pac if you have doge or ltc
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