BITTREX:DOGEUSD   Dogecoin / US Dollar (calculated by TradingView)
I have to admit that in 2017 I wasn't interested in it, but late 2017 I saw it was going to 1 cent then go down to half a cent.

I will watch this closely and definitely invest in it as it will go above 1 cent.

Happy trading and here is my vote........
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@dvd232323. So you think this could become the next bitcoin in a few years?
obsidianram fernandezisaac941
@fernandezisaac941 I think this coin may stand a decent chance of becoming "the bitcoin of liberal causes and non-profit organizations" due to the culture and use of it. The real lynch-pin for its' success, I feel, is going to be gaining notoriety and widespread awareness of its existence during the upcoming 'Year of the Dog' celebrations in February. When media picks up on what it is, why it is and how to obtain and use it, the future growth is all but guaranteed.
Cocombre obsidianram
@obsidianram, Agree!
Cocombre fernandezisaac941
@fernandezisaac941, I dont think that any coin will pas BTC. Because if you want to buy any coin 85% of them, you have to buy BTC first. Bud DOGE will be on top 10 for sure.
Cocombre dvd232323
@dvd232323, Thank you.
johnboyjr dvd232323
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