Dopecoin 420 last entries and quick exits... [BTFD]

Was asked about DOPEcoin today

here is the last few entry points id be looking at, im already in from over a week ago now

but weak hands provide some buying opportunities

remember we aint holding past 18th April since thats when likely whale dumps will come

i have shown this in the purple vertical line and highlighted area

DOPE has a good chance to go up quite a bit as it reached 2700sats at the end of last year, once your in profit make sure u set a good and tight stoploss

targets well u could see it break higher but with market the way it is id be happy to make 2x/4x on these canna coin trades this year but dont let my limitations stop yours

peace out and 4/20 up

交易進行: BTC price action pushed the DOPE price down and grabbed a load more
I like your chart,and I have followed you. I hope you can Follow Me at the same time.

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majorlee Ronnie_Dong
@Ronnie_Dong, sure man

thanks for kind comment

Ronnie_Dong majorlee
@majorlee, you're welcome
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