4th Wave Correction almost complete?

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Earlier this month I forecast that we were in a 4th Wave correction of the of a possible A corrective wave. The 4th wave now looks like it could be completing so I'll be looking for a short trade opportunity. The recent push up should correct at least back to the trend line and could break down to start our 5th wave. Of course it can become a more complex correction but we have to play the probabilities game, If I see a short trade set up I'll be in and keep my fingers crossed that we get more than a break even trade.

First Rule of trading - Protect your capital.

I'll update my analysis as price develops so remember to follow to receive them.

Any one trying to learn Elliott Wave Theory can find a free comprehensive Building Blocks video course on my website see my profile for the link.

You can also follow updates via twitter (link from my TV profile)

Always wait for an entry set up before risking your money.

This is not investment advice - it is purely for educational and discussion purposes.
Your Ideas, comments and questions welcome

Good luck Steve Nixon
評論: We are currently getting a breakout of the channel. Be careful this may or may not be the expected short trade giving us wave 5. We could still see a pull back and one more wave up. If you are short on this hold on to your positions if you are not in yet wait for a correction (flag) before trying to enter. With a bit of luck this will be the move down we have been waiting for.
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